Cables are a problem for VR. If you’re playing a really active game, they can be downright dangerous. Who wants to trip over a cord when you’re blindfolded with a piece of expensive electronics on your face?

Some people have tried hanging their cable from the ceiling. That can help. But it can still cause problems. If the cable is long enough, it can hang low and wrap around your neck or get caught on your arms when you’re moving. Watch what happens to the guy at the start of this YouTube video:

Now imagine if that happened when you were moving a lot faster!


In my “RealitySuspender” design, the cable is wrapped around a pole that’s attached to your back. From there, the VR cable wraps around an elastic rope that attaches to the ceiling.

Modified Version of /u/Easelaspie's Diagram

Modified Version of /u/Easelaspie’s Diagram

Casual VR gamers might not go for it… but if you’re reading this site, you’re probably not just a casual, right? And if you don’t like the pole idea, what’s your solution to get the cable out of the way? (Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.)

Will this work?

Will the pole fix all the problems? It’s not a perfect solution. I’m worried the cable might still cause a problem on lower ceilings. But elevating it above your head is an improvement at least. There are also possible modifications–such as running the bungee along the ceiling–that could improve the situation with lower ceilings.

Of course, an elevated pole is only one part of the RealitySuspender design. For compatible games and experiences, the has a way to allow you to move around in the virtual world. It’s different than both omni-directional treadmills, and the “free movement + thumbstick” way of moving. Read more about the RealitySuspender’s proposed way of controlling games.

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