Somebody has tried a similar design!

Looks like the people at “Visualise” have used a very similar design to what I envisioned! They appear to be using a “stick” attached to a person’s back to elevate the cable.

This is good because if it’s working for them, it’s big validation for my design. Looks like they have a weighted pulley system that’s pretty close to what I’ve been considering recently. Now I wish I had posted about that part. I started considering that because it seemed like the stick still had a chance of getting tangled when you walked under the center of where the cord hangs down. My current “best design” would use both a bungee cord and a less-elastic cable that goes alongside the hmd cord.

Overall, I guess this is encouraging if I decide to crowdfund the creation of the “RealityRing” control system… Seeing a big VR exhibit use a similar design boosts my confidence that this really is the kind of rig people would want inside their homes.

I wonder if it’s possible that they saw my harness design before making their exhibit? Probably not, although I did post on /r/oculus back in August, so it’s possible. I think the design is very simple and logical, so I think a lot of people would come up with the design independently. This is the first time I’ve really seen a close implementation of it though.

One thing that’s missing from their design is using the tension of the rope to help you “run in place” at the edges of your play space to do artificial locomotion. I hope that nobody else demonstrates that idea before I make a video demonstrating it.

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