Similar Contraptions by Other People

DIY Omnidirectional Treadmills

I was searching the internet today for anything similar my proposed contraption. I found a picture by reddit user /u/rickzor that has at least a little resemblance to what I wanted to do.

ODT by reddit user /u/rickzor

Contraption by /u/rickzor

I wanted to try and put together a solid, simple and inexpensive DIY omni directional treadmill. All the parts I used are from Home Depot and Walmart, and I’ve been able to keep it under a $50 budget.

/u/rickzor on reddit


His solution is similar to mine, in that it has a cable attached to the ceiling with a DIY harness. But of course, his is an omni-directional treadmill where your feet slide in a dish, and with my idea, your feet are planted on solid ground. I can’t tell if ‘elevating’ the cable was part of the design of his backpack harness, or just a consequence of the tension of the rope.

I also saw /u/rickzor’s GlovePIE script. I looked into GlovePIE a bit, and GlovePIE looks like that could be a good way for me to control character movement with my contraption.

(Updated note: GlovePIE doesn’t look like the right solution, but maybe a similar project called FreePIE could do the trick.)

Looking around, I noticed quite a few people making home-made ODT’s… It’s encouraging to see that other people are motivated to design and build their own solutions. It gives me hope that people might find my design to be useful.


The project that inspired me the most  on my design, was the “VirtuaRunna” IndieGoGo project.  It happened back in 2013, but IIRC I came across it some time after the campaign was over. It seems it recieved a great deal of ridicule on the internet, but I have to think that the people who just laughed at it were just going with a gut reaction and couldn’t see the value of elastic resistance in VR locomotion. Maybe my design will get laughed at the same way.

It’s now August 11, and last night I was searching more about it and found a mention where Mike had came up with an idea to make his solution more omnidirectional. Not the same solution as mine, but I gotta say it’s dissapointing to feel like the idea is less “mine.”

I messaged Mike last night, I hope I can find a way to get him involved in the RealitySuspender project.


A recent project that came up is the KatVR project. To me, it looks like a great design. Playing with a system like that would definitely have a different feel than something like the RealitySuspender. I hope one day I get to experience something  like it.

The harness system in particular looks great. I had been considering a similar principle to cause my harness to pull lower on a person’s center of gravity, but their design looks very refined.





















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