Could this type of movement system cause less nausea than some other VR control schemes?

Certain types of VR can make people feel sick.

Simulator sickness can sometimes happen when movement inside VR doesn’t match what your physical body is sensing. If you’re playing a game in which your game-body is moving, but your real physical body doesn’t feel the sensation of that motion, you might feel sick (if you’re susceptible to such things).

The RealitySuspender is a design for a harness system that allows people to move within a limited area, but helps keep them from running too far outside of the boundaries. It helps keep them in place as they run ‘against’ the harness.

Since sim sickness is often caused by your eyes seeing motion that your body doesn’t feel, I hypothesize that the RealitySuspender could help increase immersion while decreasing nausea. Your body will actually be “running,” and perhaps the running in place movement will help your body not to get motion sick. Furthermore, the “compass” motion reticle will help the player to orient their body, to make sure that they are facing just the right direction that they are running in.

Will the RealitySuspender harness combined with the RealityRing motion system be a way to play games without much nausea? I hope so but I don’t think I’ll know until more experiments are run.