I tried the TrackStrap

I was given a free pair of TrackStraps by Rebuff Reality: https://rebuffreality.com/

I found them to be a fairly convenient way to attach the Vive Trackers to things.





I was using a homemade metal clip thing to hook a Vive Tracker to my belt but I will probably usually use the TrackStrap to attach it to my belt now, since it’s softer and pretty simple, and my metal clip was probably scratching my belt anyway.

I still will probably be using my old method with the “shoes” with elastic shoelaces to attach the Trackers to my feet: https://youtu.be/IofF_IHUt2k?t=9s
But for hygiene reasons I don’t want people sharing my shoes, so I’ll probably have any guests who want to try full-body VR use the TrackStraps.

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